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New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘Feel Good’

New Song: Robin Thicke, ‘Feel Good’

Listen to Robin Thicke's "Feel Good"

Listen to Robin Thicke’s “Feel Good.”

So, in case you hadn’t heard, there’s a heat wave in NYC. (I know, I can’t stop yacking about the temperature but, like, “real feel” 106?? COME ON.) Anyway, point is, if you’re bordering on WAY TOO HOT, then we suggest you maybe wait until the heat wave is over before listening to Robin Thicke‘s new track, “Feel Good,” off his Blurred Lines disc, dropping July 30. Because yes, it will give you the body tingles, and we’re just not sure if that’s a good idea above 86 degrees. 

Listen to Robin Thicke’s “Feel Good” after the jump.

Joining the ranks of his other bangers, Blurred Lines,” “Take It Easy On Me,” “Go Stupid 4 U,” and “The Good Life,” “Feel Good” sees the three-time 2013 MTV VMA nominee doing what he does best: SLAYING THE FALSETTO GAME. Over a synth-heavy dance beat led by a gentle piano melody, Robin poses several questions to his lady: “If I partied till the morning would you stay with me/ Or would you hate on me/ If I ran all out of money would you pay for me/ Or would you stray from me.” Robin, baby, let’s get one thing straight: You could literally live in a box on the street and eat Top Ramen 24/7 and we would NEVER stray from you. Like, sing to us in the box, maybe take off your shirt in the box, and we’re all good.

+ Listen to Robin Thicke’s “Feel Good,” check out Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video, watch Robin Thicke discuss his VMA plans, and congratulate him on his big… VMA NOMINATIONS!

Photo credit: Interscope Records

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