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New Song: Lil Kim, ‘WTF’

New Song: Lil Kim, ‘WTF’

Lil Kim's new song says "WTF" and we agree.

Lil Kim’s new song “WTF”  kind of makes US go, “WTF?”

It may not be a coincidence that Lil’ Kim‘s bizarre new song, “WTF,” is exactly that. WTF?! Was naming it that the intended effect? Either way, after one listen, we’re feeling the same kind of feelings we felt when we saw Kim and Miley Cyrus grinding in Tiffany Foxx’s “Twisted” video: slightly nauseous. Remember when that happened?! Whoa.

Listen to Lil Kim’s “WTF” after the jump.

Set to a grimy, syncopated, vintage ’90s, synth-laden beat, courtesy of producer Bugsy, Kim’s vocals sound more distorted than we’re used to (is she spitting rhymes through an pillow in the middle of an acoustically barren abandoned warehouse??). It’s also hard to make out  the lyrics, but we’re pretty sure we heard the words “biggie” and “club” and “dick” all within 60 seconds. Do with that as you will.

Truthfully, we’re totally Lil Kim Stans at heart (#ForeverTheQueenOfHipHop) — we just wish we could hear what baby girl was saying, you know? AND we just want to hear more of Kim’s real voice and less her distorted one. Either way, the most important thing here is that we’re SURE Kim was wearing a STRAIGHT  DOPE outfit while recording this record, so at least there’s that. #SilverLining.

Listen to Lil Kim’s “WTF.”

Photo credit: Lil Kim

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