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New Song: Kat Graham, ‘Power’

New Song: Kat Graham, ‘Power’

Listen to Kat Graham's new single, "Power."

Kat Graham has got the “Power.”

It’s hard not to have an ENORMOUS crush on Kat Graham when, to be totally honest, she makes adorable faces LIKE THIS ONE. And that’s not even taking into account her bomb role on”The Vampire Diaries,” or her burgeoning music career, which has included bangers like “Put Your Graffiti On Me” and “Heartkiller.”  Now Kat’s back with a brand-new single, “Power,” and no, it’s not a Kanye West cover (although an idea for the future, maybe?). Rather, it’s an inspiring electro-pop jam that makes us wanna workout/fist-pump/call and say not-so-nice (yet totally deserving) things to our ex. Maybe all three. At the same time.

Listen to Kat Graham’s “Power” after the jump.

Set to a dark and grimy electro beat, “Power” features Kat sultrily chanting about someone who unlocked her inner sense of FIERCE! “I used to be a flower on the wall in the back row/ Never was a homecoming queen just a shadow/ Now I got a crown cause you gave it to me/ Cleopatra strong, yeah you found it in me,” she defiantly sings.

Kat explained where a lot of that empowerment comes from on her track to Billboard: “The meaning behind ‘Power’ for me was to express that true power comes from within. Someone can come into your life and unlock the door to your potential.” AMEN! Also, how do we all feel about a group effort to get #CleopatraStrong trending?? Anyone? Fine, we’ll start: #CLEOPATRASTRONG. #CLEOPATRASTRONG.

+ Listen to Kat Graham’s “Power.”

Photo credit: Gomillion & Leupold/A&M/Octone

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