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New Song: Friends, ‘The Way’

New Song: Friends, ‘The Way’

Listen to the new song "The Way" by Friends.

Brooklyn-based Friends show us “The Way” with their newest track.

The so-called “friend zone” is never an easy trail to tread (need proof?), but, for once, we’re just gonna throw caution to the wind, let down our hair, and say how much we are COMPLETELY crushing on Friends, a Brooklyn-based band whose song “The Way” has got us totally buggin’. Their latest track is like some tragically beautiful, long-kept-hidden love-child of Sade‘s “No Ordinary Love” and Madonna‘s “Live to Tell” who has finally emerged to confess her life story to the world. Oh, yeah, and she brought Slash along. Just read on! It’ll all make sense soon, we SWEAR.

Listen to Friends’ “The Way” after the jump.

As lead singer Samantha Urbani’s lithe vocals lilt their way through the opening guitar riff, she eventually finds the first verse, which closes, “You’re gonna break if you stand so rigidly/ Your greatest path to strength is that of fluidity.” She proves the power of fluidity with the next line, where she’s goes all Azealia Banks in “Liquorice” on us by suddenly switching up the rhythm and meter of her verse — a move she pulls again before the song’s close. If it STILL doesn’t make sense, just give it a listen below.

+ Listen to Friends’ “The Way.”

Photo credit: Lucky Number Music

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