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New Song: Ciara, ‘Super Turnt Up’

New Song: Ciara, ‘Super Turnt Up’

Listen to Ciara's "Super Turnt Up."

Ciara is “SUPER TURNT UP.” Like, extra turnt. 

We think Ciara‘s new job should be “professional banger releaser.” (See: “Body Party,” “I’m Out,” and “Wake Up, No Make-Up.”) Now, after merely one listen (more later, don’t worry), we can safely confirm that Ciara’s latest endeavor, “Super Turnt Up,” is no exception. Also: Props for adding the word “super” before a cool and intimidating phrase like “Turnt Up.”

Listen to Ciara’s “Super Turnt Up” after the jump.

Slated to appear on her upcoming eponymous album out July 9, “Super Turnt Up” has Ciara seductively cooing about how her man gets her in the mood, if y’all know what I mean: “I can’t lie/ I’m super turnt up/ Boy your love got me super turnt up.”

Next, Ciara busts out a SERIOUS rap verse that actually kinda sorta rivals Nicki Minaj: “Top notch/ Got me so high/ Them other broads can’t even see me.” Sorry, bros, but we’re thinking that the lucky dude who’s got Ciara “so high” is probably her IRL boyfriendFuture. And now we’re kind of wondering if there’s anything else to do other than turn Ciara up? Because the only other option we can think of is turning Ciara down. Which seems laughably impossible/unlikely.

+ Listen to Ciara’s “Super Turnt Up.”

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