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New Song: Ciara, ‘One Night With You’

New Song: Ciara, ‘One Night With You’

Listen to Ciara's Target-only bonus track "One Night with You.

Ciara amps it up to 11 on her Target-only bonus track, “One Night With You.”

Some songs are so infectious that they grab hold of you immediately, while others casually worm their way into your brain until suddenly — BAM — you’re ob-sessed. Although certain tunes take that parasitic “worm” metaphor literally, drilling themselves into your being against your will (see: every “Real Housewives” club banger ever), others are just straight-up awesome, even if their innate brilliance doesn’t immediately reveal itself. Such is the case with “One Night with You,” Ciara‘s Target-only bonus track that basically serves as the amp-thumping, exploding neon red cherry on top of the ice cream sundae that is her recently released eponymous fifth album.

Listen to Ciara’s “One Night with You” after the jump.

While the “Super Turnt Up” singer’s usually more of a slow-burning R&B seductress, Ciara totally flips the script in “One Night,” going all “Spinal Tap” on us by turning the sound up to 11. (Don’t worry, Stonehenge does not make a lyrical appearance.) Set to a hand-clapping, synth-charged beat, Ciara gets lost in her club-crazed momentum: “Don’t give me that crazy love till the night/ Let’s live in this moment/ All I need is one night.”

Honestly, we’re a little taken aback to hear Ciara trying her hand at David Guetta-esque speaker-blasting pop, but we’ve gotta say that it’s definitely a good sound for our No. 1 body-partier. What’ll she pull out of her cat ear snapback on album six? We’d LOVE to stay and discuss the possibilities, but we must be off, lest we be #TardyForTheParty. Good day.

+ Listen to Ciara’s “One Night with You.”

 Photo credit: Epic Records

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