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New Song: Boat Club, ‘Memories’

New Song: Boat Club, ‘Memories’

Hear the remastered return of Boat Club's daytime disco classic, "Memories."

Hear the remastered return of Boat Club’s daytime disco classic, “Memories.”

Way, way back in the year 6 B.Y. (Before “Yeezus”), aka 2007, a pair of nautical-minded Swedish men by the name of Boat Club released a classic chillout mini-album, blending the mellow grooves of Balearic pop with treble-singed guitars played at the perfect pace for swaying under a palm tree. Fast-forward to present day, their gorgeous Caught the Breeze LP — the short-lived band’s first release — is back just in time for summer with a remastered re-release on Cascine Records, with all the melancholy and boat shoe-wearing intact.

Listen to Boat Club’s “Memories” after the jump.

“Memories” layers bongos, disco drum machines, and synthesizers in an ahead-of-its-time pineapple smoothie blend, anticipating artists from Goldroom to Toro Y Moi. A lead guitar, melodic with a hint of distortion, shimmers with tropical heat. And the vocals, lonely and powerful, come with no reverb required. “I have a picture of me and you,” Andreas Christakis sings. “Pictures of places we used to go.” They’ve faded into the past, but the guitar hooks will stay in your head forever. It’s fast enough to dance to, but trust us: It sounds best on vacation, sunglasses on, wind blowing, Zac Efron throwing a Frisbee down by the waves before putting his shirt back on and taking you out to dinner at a beachside Italian restaurant. (Because that definitely happened to us, and it wasn’t us just daydreaming about “Charlie St. Cloud.”)

Caught the Breeze is due July 23 on Cascine Records.

+ Listen to Boat Club’s “Memories.”

Photo credit: Cascine Records

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