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New Song: Beyonce, ‘Rise Up’

New Song: Beyonce, ‘Rise Up’

Listen to Beyonce's "Rise Up."

Listen to Beyoncé’s ‘Epic’ soundtrack contribution, “Rise Up.”

Beyoncé has taken one giant step further on her quest to becoming the queen of movie soundtracks (as opposed to just being the queen in general)! In addition to her silky cover of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back To Black” for the Great Gatsby soundtrack, Bey has also contributed her inspirational track “Rise Up” to the upcoming film “Epic”! We should probably also mention that Beyoncé voices the role of Queen Tara in the film, which is probably not tooooo far of a stretch for her to play, because, well, the whole QUEEN thing, you know?

Listen to Beyoncé’s “Rise Up” after the jump.

Written by Sia and featuring production from Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe, the mid-tempo banger features ethereal harmonies as Bey sings an impassioned plea to instill courage within those around her: “Some people try to drag you down/ Take it from me stand and be proud/ You’re a warrior/ You’re my warrior/ Be who you are.” #PRAISE! And yeah, girl, we’re trying! It’s just that self-acceptance is way easier when you’re, say, Beyoncé, and have a hair and makeup team and personal trainer on speed dial. And also, THAT VOICE. But we’re making strides! In fact, just this morning we walked around the corner in our most embarrassing hot green pajamas! Because WE LOVE OURSELVES.

Listen to Beyoncé’s “Rise Up.”

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