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New Song: Au Revoir Simone, ‘Somebody Who’

New Song: Au Revoir Simone, ‘Somebody Who’

Listen to Au Revoir Simone's new song, "Somebody Who."

Hear Au Revoir Simone’s dance-ready, synth-pop comeback single, “Somebody Who.”

More like bonjour, ladies: Au Revoir Simone, our favorite Pee-wee Herman-referencing synth-pop trio, is back with its first new song in four years. This time, the O.G. act, who have been rocking their all-keyboards, all-the-time style since their 2006 debut, is finally ready for the dance floor.

Listen to Au Revoir Simone’s “Somebody Who” after the jump.

“Somebody Who” opens with a pumped-up drum track that snaps and pops like your kid brother’s breakfast cereal. But the song’s really meant for an energetic evening: “I need somebody who can stay awake,” the band harmonizes after lyrics struggling against slumberland. As the trio searches for love in this club/Bed Bath & Beyond, their typically serene keyboard lines push into swirling notes and edgy tones that invade the mix like a bad dream. It’s the most confident, assured track the girls have made yet.

Violens member Jorge Elbrecht, no stranger to shimmering soundscapes, produced the track and the band’s upcoming album, Move in Spectrums, due Sept. 24 on Instant Records. We’re glad they’re back — maybe the stars will align and they’ll soundtrack Pee-wee’s next big adventure, but they’ll definitely sound perfect on ours.

+ Listen to Au Revoir Simone’s “Somebody Who.”

Photo credit: Alex Braverman

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