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Nelly Straight Bonded With Darius Rucker At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (PHOTO)

Nelly Straight Bonded With Darius Rucker At The 2013 CMT Music Awards (PHOTO)


Bestie alert: Darius Rucker and Nelly! Also, WHOA.

First came the bromance between Jay-Z and Kanye West. Next, we saw a bestie-blackout between Justin Timberlake and Jigga. And now?? Nelly and Darius Rucker??! Surprisingly, YES! Because in one of the most shocking events of the 2013 CMT Music Awards, Nelly, the hardcore rapper, is in an intense BFF situation with Darius Rucker, the super-important country singer and former frontman of ’90s alternative act Hootie And The Blowfish!! WE CAN’T.

But perhaps this makes a little more sense than we originally thought? Nelly was on hand to perform his crossover smash “Cruise” with Florida Georgia Line. But, before his performance, Nelly and Darius were snapped mid-handshake backstage! Aside from the genuine look of happiness to see one another, we’re kind of dying to know if there’s some secret handshake action going on? Like, is there some intricate hand-slapping and finger-twinkling that went one before and after this candid moment? Because these bros seem like they’re in on the same damn joke, and we wanna know what is IS!!! That, or maybe they’re scheming up a collabo? Perhaps a reinterpretation of “Let Her Cry“?? ‘Cause that’d be DOPE!  Either way, WE WANT INFO.

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