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Neil Young Onstage: ‘F–ck You, Donald Trump’


In a lengthy Facebook post, Neil Young cleared the air about how he feels about Donald Trump using his songs: “YOUNG CONTINUES TO DENY TRUMP PERMISSION TO USE HIS MUSIC,” the rocker wrote, attaching a short clip of him yelling “Fuck you, Donald Trump” onstage. 

The discrepancy began with an interview with Reuters, in which Young stated that Trump’s campaign bought the license to use his song “Rockin’ in The Free World.” “Once the music goes out, anyone can use it for anything,” Young said in the interview. 

In this new statement, Young points out that there is a legal difference between obtaining music rights for commercial use and obtaining a license agreement for public venues. The former requires the consent of the artist. ”When I discovered that [Trump] first used my song at his campaign launch, my management called his office and immediately requested he stop,” Young wrote. “We thought he had. But now, unfortunately, I understand he is still using it.”

Young alleges that when management approached Trump, the GOP frontrunner began “hurling insults” and released a photo that was taken out of context, Young said. The picture in question was taken months prior to Trump’s decision to run in the presidential election during an investors meeting for Young’s music company Pono.

“I still support the issue focused, straight shooter Bernie Sanders, in my opinion, the best person for the job, hands down,” Young wrote. “The process is not over until its over.”

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