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Mimi Introduces Her New Boo, Rasheeda Shares A Big Secret On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we meet Mimi’s new boo Nikko. Mimi is literally smiling from ear-to-ear and happy about her new man, but because Nikko is also a producer, she’s worried about trusting him after Stevie J. Mimi then introduces her girls to her new man. They are impressed. Nikko scores major points by sharing that he’s shooting a video and putting Mimi in it.

In less than happy couple news, Erica confronts Scrappy about finding questionable texts on his phone while he was asleep. “Once you go looking for something, you’re gonna find it,” Scrappy say. Erica isn’t sure what she wants anymore and isn’t wearing her engagement ring. “I think we need a break,” she says.

Kirk opens up to Benzino that he’s been going through family things and issues with Rasheeda. The two have been bickering about money and career and to make matters worse, we then find out that Rasheeda is pregnant. “This ain’t the best time,” she says, excited about having a child but also fearful of how it will affect her marriage.

Joseline and Stevie continue to have their own issues. Stevie says he equals love to money and Jos is disgusted. She threatens that she’ll leave for another man if he won’t love her the right way. The producer has been distracted with another female artist, who just so happens to show up serving drinks at a party Stevie throws for Joseline. Joseline is not happy about sharing Stevie’s attention. “I don’t talk to the help,” she says, refusing to even acknowledge the other girl.

Finally, Benzino confronts Karlie Redd about the alleged Joseline sex tape. He denies showing it to her and she fires back that he’s betrayed Stevie in the past. Karlie, Joseline and Stevie J then have a sit down to talk. Joseline has issues with Karlie now, although she initially didn’t care about Benzino’s allegations. The two women start arguing and almost get into a physical fight before security, as always, tears them apart. Friendship over.

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