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The surprising revelation of the night came from the guest of honor. “I wanted to be a missionary as a child,” Tim Blanks said at a party Fairchild’s Gina Sanders hosted to celebrate his CFDA Media Award for journalism last night. “And I suppose, in a funny way, that’s what I ended up doing.”

The Gospel of Tim is one of unbridled enthusiasm for what he loves: fashion, David Bowie (his speech included two separate Bowie parables), and the people who share his passion for both. They came out in force last night: Anna Sui and Calvin Klein’s Italo Zucchelli, Tommy Ton and Linda Fargo. A day after they’d been in close competition for the CFDA’s top menswear prize, Thom Browne and Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox and Daniel Silver were contentedly sharing a table, all for the love of Blanks. (Blessed are the peacemakers.)

But if Tim is a missionary of fashion, he’s an ambassador, too. So it was fitting that the Gramercy Park Hotel’s trellised terrace reminded one guest of Rome, and that the must-see of the evening was a passed-around smartphone video of a Tokyo bar’s girls ’n’ robots show. (When the camera panned left, there was Tim, bopping front row.) The night went fuzzy, as such nights often do. One more bottle of wine was ordered, the background soundtrack turned up. The last words I can read of my notes from the evening come from Tim, cross-culturalist and fashion critic to the end. As Cox flexed the pointed shoulders of his jacket to the beat, Blanks merrily roared along: “Work that pagoda!”

—Matthew Schneier

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