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Man Weekend


Hermès transformed the historic Moore Building in Miami’s Design District on Friday night with a series of installations displaying its men’s products. Dubbed “A Man’s World Miami,” the collection of environments was conceived by the Buenos Aires-based artist Leandro Erlich, who works with perception and illusion.

“A journey into the extraordinary,” the invite promised, and Erlich delivered, creating a veritable fun house, complete with trapeze artists, a mirrored floor that created the effect of an endless abyss, faux elevator banks that sporadically opened to reveal fashion tableaux, including models playing chess on top of Hermès luggage, and even a “watch flasher, whose coat concealed an array of Hermès watches. Véronique Nichanian, men’s artistic director of Hermès, brought the label’s Spring collection with her from Paris. “This city is so much about energy and, of course, art,” she said.

Among Erlich’s installations was also a locker room, the shower stalls of which had pretend steamed-over glass doors with inscriptions such as, “Do you swing for the fences or steal?” The Miami swingers were having a grand time, and Robert B. Chavez, president and CEO of Hermès USA, looked remarkably pleased, both by the turnout and the general vibe. “We wanted to celebrate our move to a new temporary store in the Design District, as well as our new flagship store in the district, which opens in December of 2014. It’s great being part of this exuberant community,” he told “The party will get even better as the night goes on, as life always does in Miami.”

—Tom Austin

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