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Mac Miller Drops ‘Gees’ Video With Schoolboy Q


By Andrew Christina

Gees, can we just get the video already? After a day of teases, Mac Miller finally slapped us with his new music video for “Gees,” featuring ScHoolboy Q, via ILLRoots.

The song is a cut off the Pittsburgh rapper’s sophomore studio album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which is currently sitting at number seven on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart.

ILLRoots teased fans with a six-second clip of the new video last night via Vine. The wholesome clip featured Mac riding around on a bike while rapping and pouring out what appears to be a bottle of beer on the road.

Mac says the ILLRoots-produced video will feature himself, an “evil” version of himself, ScHoolboy Q, and a praying mantis. One can only hope the mantis will be revealed in the video from under one of Q’s always fashionable bucket hats. Mantis or not, Mac says he and Q are “like family,” so the video is bound to be filled with hijinks.

In March, ScHoolboy Q was shown a picture of Mac on an episode of “RapFix Live” and asked to say the first thing that came to mind. Q called Mac the “ugliest white man ever.” Mac got his chance to return the compliment in June on an episode of the show. He was shown a picture of Q mocking his famous open-mouthed expression.

“He’s always does my face, but what I keep tellin’ him is that face has made me so much money,” Miller said. “So once he sees that type of money, he can talk to me.”

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