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Lupe Fiasco’s 3-Part Video For ‘Lamborghini Angels,’ ‘ITAL,’ ‘Audubon Ballroom’ Full Of Social Commentary


Lupe Fiasco’s 4th album Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 was laden with the kind of social and political commentary that fans have come to expect from the outspoken Chicago rapper, and in a combined 13-minute video for the three tracks “Lamborghini Angels,” “ITAL (Roses)” and “Audubon Ballroom”—directed by Alex Nazari–Lupe puts some thought provoking imagery to match his lyrics. The three-part clip begins with the credits, “Starring guns/drugs/bitches/money/jordans/fried chicken/watches/chains and subliminal messages” and ends with Lupe dancing in full KKK garb. But it’s everything else in the middle that’s really worth seeing. Watch above.

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