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Lupe Fiasco Tributes Slain Chicago Infant On ‘Jonylah Forever’

Lupe Fiasco Tributes Slain Chicago Infant On ‘Jonylah Forever’



By Sidney Madden

Always one to put tragedy in poetic perspective, Lupe Fiasco released a tribute track called “Jonylah Forever” to send his condolences to the family of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins who died in a Chicago shooting Monday.

Jonylah’s father, Jonathan Watkins, was changing his daughter’s diaper in his minivan on a popular Chicago street when the two were hit with a barrage of bullets. Both were rushed to the hospital where Jonylah died hours later.

Lupe, who is born and raised in ChiTown, released the track late last night via SoundCloud along with the tweet “Not a song but a life. Be respectful Please keep negative comments to yourself. #lovelifechitownforever.”

In the song, Lupe spits verses of an impossible future, in which Jonylah had never died and in fact, grown up, got out of the projects of her city and attended medical school. The repetitive line “You live” is an eerie reminder of what could have become of the baby’s life.

Less than 12 hours of its release, “Jonylah Forever” has hit over 13,000 plays on SoundCloud.

What do you think of the track? Will Lupe’s song spark a larger social outcry over Chicago’s crime ridden streets? Let us know in the comments.

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