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Love & Hip Hop NY: Erica Spazzes On Rich, Joe Budden Asks For Forgiveness


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Monday night’s (March 11) episode of VH1′s “Love & Hip-Hop,” Rich struggles with what to do with his “hit song” that was originally intended for Erica, while Joe Budden asks for forgiveness for his transgressions.Rich and Mama Dollaz meet up to talk and she advises Rich not to give the song to Olivia, who’s been asking for it. Mama Dollaz says that Erica should however, separate herself from her son professionally and personally because she is nothing but trouble. “She don’t need to be messing with my son…You look a mess,” says the always real Mama D.

Erica looks to Yandy for advice about the fall-out with Rich. Yandy chastises her for setting up bookings behind Rich’s back but tells her that she can still get her man back by going to Rich and apologizing.

Tahiry, Jen and Rashidah get up for drinks to collectively talk trash about Raqi Thunda. Rashidah shares that she’s going to an event about empowering women which for some reason, Raqi is being celebrated at. At the event, Rashidah approaches Raqi and asks her why she’s running her mouth around town about those alleged credit card scams. “My fact checks on you have been nothing but suspect,” says Raqi. The two start yelling about who’s the bigger whore and nothing is resolved. So much for a high-class charity event, huh?

Meanwhile, Consequence and Lore’l meet at the studio to work on a new track together. Lore’l is grateful but has issues with one of Cons’ lyrics for her which specifically shouts out light complexioned women. Not wanting to alienate fans, Lore’l wants to remove the line. Lore’l goes to Raqi and asks her opinion about the racially-charged lyric. “That’s a bit much coming from a brother,” says Raqi. She advises Lore’l to take the line out because it will be too controversial and explains the fight she had with Jen over the infamous “I’ll get a job because I’m white” statement.

Lore’l and Cons sit down again to talk about the lyric. Cons says that he doesn’t change lines for nobody and that he’s earned the right to write what he wants. Cons explains that “lightskin is the right skin” is a great line for controversy and will help propel the song. Lore’l stands her ground and says she can’t do the song.

Tahiry and Cisco, the producer of her song “Devil,” start fighting about her taking the song to Joe Budden. Cisco says that Uncle Murda and Styles P are down for guest verses on her album and he’s prepping her upcoming music video so leave Joe alone! Never one to be deterred, Joe unexpectedly shows up at the video set (How did he find the address?) and says that he wants to smooth things over. “I’m here in support of you and your video,” says Joe. “Show and prove,” says Tahiry. “If not, go away!”

Yandy is still reeling over last week’s episode during which Rashidah claimed she and Mendeecees had a fling. Mendy shrugs it off as his past and he’s a changed man now. “I don’t control these bi&ches!” Mendeecees says but it clearly still irks Yandy. “Let’s just focus on us,” advises Mendy and says that they should have another child together. What? Yandy says she’s only open to it when they get married. Hmmm. Is there a LHHNY wedding around the corner?

Finally, Olivia ends up recording Erica’s song and from the sounds of it, she actually sounds good. Like clockwork, Erica just so happens to walk into the studio at the exact moment Olivia’s version blares over the loudspeaker. Erica spazzes out on Rich and yells at him for giving away her record. Rich calmly tells his former client that she’s in the wrong and as he paid for the record. Erica feels betrayed and looks like she just may strike and go for Rich’s jugular. Erica’s temper tantrum keeps rolling on. “You took what I wanted the most just to hurt me. You woke me up,” says Erica. Like that, she’s done with Rich. Erica says she’s going to make it with or without Rich and walks out. “You can’t trust nobody, not even the n*gga you sleep with,” blasts Erica. Damn.

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