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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Stevie And Joseline Call It Quits


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Stevie and Joseline are donezos? It sure seemed that way on Monday night’s (June 10) episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” But first, Mimi and Ariane sit down after their massive blow-out last week.

Mimi feels that her friend is “straddling the fence” because Ariane is also friends with K. Michelle. When put on the spot, Ariane says that Nikko is inauthentic and Mimi just chose the first person who came around. Speaking of straddling the fence, Ariane sits down with K. Michelle separately. K is still mad that Mimi argued with her and says that she can’t be friends with her anymore. K still believes that Nikko is secretly gay and she won’t back down from that opinion.

K may have a point. Erica and Mimi sit down with a psychic priestess who tells Mimi that her relationship is bad and she should “let it go.” Mimi asks the psychic about her friendship with K. Michelle and the priestess tells her that K isn’t a true friend.

K. Michelle has other issues to deal with on the professional front. She sits down with her A&R and a celebrity consultant who both tell her that her reputation sucks. They tell her that her attitude needs to change because it’s diminishing her brand. K breaks down and says that she needs to change in order to make her music career work.

Elsewhere, Shay and Scrappy reunite after he comes over to her house and gets a back rub. Shay knows that being with Scrappy is wrong but it feels right. Both agree that having sex ruined their friendship but their attraction is still undeniable. Later, Shay tells Traci that she’s been seeing Scrappy on the low. Shay says she needs to put a stop to it because she’s going to get hurt again. When she confronts Scrappy about his confusing feelings, it’s clear that Scrappy misses Erica and Shay is in the Friend Zone. A girl can only take so much. Shay explodes into a ball of emotion and fury. She blasts Scrappy for lying to her and on top of that, for having sex with her just six days before he proposed to Erica. Whaaa?! Scrappy doesn’t deny lying and hurting Shay, but he’s not emotionally invested in her. “We ain’t gotta be friends. I don’t even want to be nothing,” says Shay. She kicks Scrappy out of her house and for now, that friendship over.

Rasheeda, who is starting to look very pregnant, is still fighting with Kirk. During a photo shoot, Kirk runs up on his wife and they start arguing about the cost of the photo shoot. Kirk then reveals that he has doubts if the kid is his or not and wants a paternity test. “Check your damn self and check your own insecurities” says Rasheeda. She then tells him if he doesn’t want to be a supportive husband, he can leave.

In maybe the first time ever, Joseline apologizes for fighting with Che Mack. She even sits down with Che and Stevie to make amends. Che claims that Joseline has nothing to feel threatened about as she and Stevie are friends, but Che reveals that Stevie J bought her a TV when her house was broken into. Jos doesn’t want her man playing “Sexy Santa Claus” and storms off. Stevie and Joseline eventually sit down and things get heated fast. Joseline tells him that she loves him but she refuses to get played. “I don’t need you,” says Joseline. “I don’t want to be a part of you. I don’t want to be with you.” Stevie lashes out that Joseline’s project was “done before it started” and taunts her for being a prostitute when he met her. Stevie walks away but not before hurling Joseline’s contract at her and additional insults.

“I never want to see him again,” says Joseline, as she drives away. “You’re signed for life,” laughs Stevie. The saga continues.

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