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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Rasheeda Confronts Kirk About His Cheating


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last night’s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” saw what might be the end of Rasheeda and Kirk’s marriage. But first, K. Michelle is planning her first headlining tour. She tells Ariane that she’s looking for background singers and Ariane says that she wants to sing. At the audition, Ariane bombs. One of the judges describes her as a cat in heat. Meow! Ariane says that she was sick and K Michelle defends her. Ariane realizes her audition sucked but she still wants to pursue music.

Elsewhere, Stevie and Mimi get up for a friendly chat. Stevie asks Mimi for “lettuce” which is his synonym for sex. Mimi returns the Benz that Stevie bought and then asks for a cab to pick her up.Joseline has no idea about this meeting. She’s too busy looking for new apartments so she and Stevie can move in together. Joseline keeps pushing the engagement issue and Stevie says he needs time to think about it.

While Scrappy is in jail, Erica and Momma Dee get together to discuss finances. Erica says that she needs financial stability and since Scrappy is in jail, there needs to be a monthly payment plan. Erica and Dee go to a jewelry store so Erica can pawn her engagement ring for money. The jeweler tells Erica that selling her ring on consignment will get her $15k but Dee is mad because technically, Erica can buy back the ring if she changes her mind.

Later, Momma Dee hosts a freedom party for Scrappy. He’s back home and is in a good mood. Erica tells him that she pawned her ring and Scrappy is shocked. He actually thinks they can still work out their relationship. “She’s an ungrateful person,” says Scrappy. Dee starts running her mouth and then out of nowhere, Erica’s mama, Mignon, starts running her mouth too. It’s about to be a mama throw down. Mignon tries to fight Dee. Scrappy holds her back and Erica charges Scrappy. She eventually falls on the floor. “He better go to jail tomorrow!” says Erica’s mama. “Die bitches! Die” screams Dee. Eventually, Erica and her mama leave and Erica says she’ll call the police on Scrappy for being involved in the fight.

Drew is still reeling over Traci’s new boo. He admits that he always viewed her as a Plan B but apologizes for how he acted. Drew offers to take Traci and Sean out to dinner to get to know him better. Traci hosts a fashion show where Benzino and Kirk show up. Kirk brings Mary Jane one of his cabin side pieces to the event. Another cabin side piece blows Kirk’s spot up and tells Traci that the party was “turnt up.” Traci is shocked about the free pass from Rasheeda that Kirk is enjoying.

Here’s where things get juicy. Traci and Rasheeda meet up and Traci tells her what she saw. A very pregnant Rasheeda is sick. She is mad that Kirk took his free pass to smash hoes and says, “Your married ass don’t need to be turnt nowhere.” Like clockwork, Kirk walks over.

Traci leaves and Rasheeda goes in….I mean, IN.

Kirk says he doesn’t know why his turnt up weekend was a problem. Rasheeda says that she hates him and that she’s 100% committed to the marriage. She asks him what happened at the lake. Kirk first claims he was drunk but eventually admits to cheating. Rasheeda tells him to leave. Enough is enough. She pushes him and tells him that they might need to be divorced. Kirk then continues to be a total punk and locks Rasheeda out of her own house. Yes. Kirk locks his pregnant wife out of her own home. Not to be stopped, Rasheeda gets in the front door and proceeds to have a Waiting to Exhale moment. She throw his clothes out on the front yard and then she sets them on fire.

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