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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi & Stevie J Get Friendly


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After last week’s big blow out on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” the episode kicks off with Joseline ending things (yet again) with Stevie J. The Puerto Rican Princess tells her former boo and producer that she wants her record label advance and nothing else to do with him. Stevie drops the bomb that there is no record deal because he “owns” her. In reality, he turned the deal down because the money wasn’t right. Oh Stevie!

Business isn’t on Stevie’s mind, but Mimi sure is. Stevie runs up on Ariane and tries to pump her for information about what’s going on with his baby mama. Ariana says that Mimi is still hurting despite having Nikko. “She’s not really f—ing happy!” Ariana cries. Stevie later confides in frenemy-turned-bff-again Benzino. Benzino has his own issues. He cries to Stevie about being single and wants help in finding a special lady. “The thirst is real baby!” laughs Stevie.

Elsewhere, Mimi is busy working on launching a clothing line inspired by her housecleaning service. Yes. Mimi is bringing the sexy maid outfit to a closet near you! Nikko comes to the photo shoot and gifts Mimi with a Rolex. It’s supposed to match his, but she complains that his is more lavish with real diamonds. The couple has other issues. Mimi is heated that the music video she starred in for Nikko barely has her in it. Nikko claims he’s fixed it and wants to have a music video launch party so she can see the final cut.

Later, Mimi meets with Stevie J to have a friendly chat. Stevie is in full flirtation mode but Mimi isn’t having it. “I apologize for hurting you,” says Stevie. Mimi tears up while Stevie brushes her tears with a cocktail napkin. Stevie says that he wants to get Mimi a car to make up for what he did. Typical Stevie J.

In a strange case of new friendship, Karlie Redd and K. Michelle sit down and make up after their longstanding feud. Karlie confesses that she made a diss song about K. Michelle but it was old news and she’s ready to start over new. When K. Michelle celebrates her birthday, even Karlie Redd is invited. Benzino walks in and hugs Karlie. Don’t expect a reunion though, because Benzino is clearly thirsting for K. Michelle and he buys her a diamond heart necklace. Karlie Redd then gives K. Michelle the worst bunch of birthday gifts including hair weave and her diss record. Someone throws it on at the club and everyone awkwardly dances. A drunken K. Michelle flips out after hearing the lyrics, especially a line accusing that her life story is made up. K. Michelle and Karlie start throwing drinks but end up half-apologizing to each other afterwards. What the what?

K. Michelle must be in a very good mood because later, she then laughs it up with Joseline. K used to hate Joseline because of her loyalty to Mimi, but now that Mimi’s out of the picture, K is all smiles. “You not that bad bitch” she says.

Rasheeda sits down with her mama Shirlene to talk about her ongoing issues with Kirk and their pregnancy. Rasheeda’s mama feels that Kirk is acting weird and is probably “keeping company somewhere else.” Rasheeda claims that she went through her man’s phone but didn’t find any evidence of his cheating. Shirlene and Kirk have a conversation about what’s been going on. “She’s pregnant. She’s not gonna get an abortion. She’s not gonna get a blood test…and you can’t make her,” Shirlene flatly says. “Do you know where she been?” asks Kirk. Shirlene is heated and looks thisclose to fighting him. She accuses him of being dishonest and from the looks of it, Kirk looks hella guilty. Shirlene calls Kirk a “coward” and says she should’ve kicked Kirk’s ass. Can we get Shirlene to be a recurring character?!

Finally, everyone gathers for Mimi’s music video launch. Nikko and Johnny’s “NY 2 LA” music video is basically a bro fest and Mimi is barely in it. Seriously. If you blink, you’ll miss her. So much for re-editing.

Stevie J then walks in, like clockwork. Apparently, Mimi invited him and thought it would be a good idea to introduce her ex man to her next man. Stevie sees the Rolex that Nikko bought Mimi and accuses the watch of being a fake. Stevie ups the ante by handing Mimi BMW car key on the spot. The two men start sparring, but before anything good can go down, security breaks up the two. Stevie puffs his electronic hookah and walks away a hero.

Nikko is not happy with Stevie’s antics and accuses Mimi of still liking her ex. “You’re damaged,” says Nikko. Mimi gets ready to fight and the episode ends with the new couple looking like they’re ready to call it quits.

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