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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Mimi And Nikko Break Up, Stevie J And Joseline Make Up


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

There were breakups and makeups on last night’s episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.”

First, Mimi and Karlie Redd get together for a little girl chat. Karlie, always the gossip, tells Mimi that Nikko tried to holler at her at the club. He’s the worst. Mimi is heated. First, the video shoot fiasco and now this? She confronts her man and they start arguing. Mimi calls Nikko “insecure” and says that’s why he’s trying to get with Karlie Redd. Nikko asks Mimi if he was her rebound and she walks out, but not before catching Nikko says something that sounds like he wanted a threesome with Mimi and Karlie. Mimi storms back in, nearly punching her man in the face. It’s officially donezos for Nikko, which Mimi shares with Stevie later on.

Elsewhere, Stevie J and Joseline are in a make up mood. Stevie tells Joseline that he doesn’t want to fight any more. “Whether we got a deal or not, we’re gonna win,” he says, as she tears up. Stevie says that they need to go the indie route since no majors are asking for the Puerto Rican Princess. The two pinky swear that they are going to be committed to each other once more. Awww…. Let’s see how long this lasts.

In other news, Scrappy finds himself in legal hot water. He tells Erica, Dee and his lawyer that he failed his urine test for his drug probation. Scrappy claims the cops treated him unfairly and later, the lawyer shares that Scrappy’s probation officer may have helped issue a warrant for his arrest. Scrappy thinks that the system is against him but there are very real ramifications of what happened. He may end up going to jail over this.

Karlie Redd reveals that she’s opening a new hair salon. Traci tells her that she needs to get her hair done because she has a crush on a new guy. Traci’s new boo, Dashaun (a “Fitness Expert”) kicks their date off romantically, by pulling up in a horse and carriage. Traci says that she’s heard he’s a ho, which he admits, but says that he is no longer a cheater. Despite some red flags, Traci is still sweet on him.

Her marriage may be going sour, but Rasheeda is determined to get her rapping career on point. She sits down with manager Deb Antney a.k.a. Waka Flocka’s mama and asks her for managerial advice. Rasheeda says she’s over asking Kirk’s permission because he’s not doing anything. When she drops the news that she’s expecting a child, Deb doesn’t seem very excited about. Rasheeda invites Deb to her new music video shoot for a song titled “Hit It From The Back.” Kirk walks in, unannounced. He blasts his wife for shooting a video with their joint business account and her growing belly. Kirk tells his wife that her name is getting taken off their bank accounts. “I’m done with it,” says Rasheeda. “Me and you don’t make sense.” They agree to part ways for the moment. With Kirk gone, Rasheeda thinks that Deb will be her ally. Nope. Deb agrees with Kirk that Rasheeda looks too pregnant for the video. She then tells Rasheeda that if she was really serious about her career, she would have timed her pregnancy better, and instead of shooting videos, she should have scheduled other projects during her pregnancy.

Ariana gets Mimi and K. Michelle back together at church, of all places, to make amends. K apologizes for getting physical with Mimi and tells her that she still loves her. Mimi is stone-faced and says that she’s out of energy to deal with this. It’s been a looooonnnng week for Mimi. “Right now, I don’t have anything,” says Mimi. So much for that plan, Ariane.

Finally, the girls meet up at the opening of Karlie Redd’s Champagne & Weave store. Traci invites both Erica and Shay to hopefully clear the air. Worst idea ever. Erica blasts Shay for keeping her name in her mouth. Shay starts yelling and the two get into it. “Ho. Shut the fuck up,” says Erica. Traci tries to calm Shay down, but to no avail. “I’m done with this ho!” says Shay. Shay puts the paws on Erica and security breaks the women apart. “Shay went crazy and crazy bitches belong outside,” says Traci. Shay ends up scratching herself and stands bleeding. Oh boy. Erica is fired up now. The fight may be done, but the war is definitely not over.

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