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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Michelle Snaps At Mimi’s Man, Scrappy Breaks Up With Momma Dee


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

On Monday night’s (May 27) episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” relationships were tested. Stevie J probed Mimi about her new man and accused her of getting with a Stevie J impersonator, while Scrappy finally stood up to Momma Dee.

At their get together, the always-creepy Stevie tells Mimi that he misses her. “I never give up. I’m not a quitter,” says Stevie. Stevie is however, sweet on his new artist Che Mack. He visits her when he finds out her home was broken into and buys her a 42″ television to show her “if she acts right, she can be smiling for a very long time.”

Word about Stevie and Che Mack is making its rounds in Atlanta and Joseline is not feeling it. The Puerto Rican Princess blasts Stevie for working with other women and tells him to drop Che Mack. Stevie denies that he’s working with Che Mack.

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Elsewhere, Traci and Shay get together to catch up. Shay is still not over Scrappy, but she’s still loyal to him. Traci says that she’s tried every kind of payback on her man Drew, but it never worked. Shay hangs out with Momma Dee when Scrappy conveniently drops by. Momma Dee brings out a special “EOE” cake she bought, which stands for “End of Engagement.” Scrappy says he’s taking a break from being engaged, but he’s also taking a break from being a son. The two start fighting and Shay cuts herself a slice of cake. Scrappy then sits down with his father and admits to having trust issues because his mother was a pimp. Scrappy Sr. asks his son why he’s still talking to his old jumpoffs and tells him Momma Dee might be the problem behind all of his failed relationships.

Traci has her own issues to deal with. She visits Drew at their new store and see that every employee he wants to hire is a video vixen. Drew flirts with every potential employee and Traci goes into one of her fits. She eventually storms off.

Rasheeda and Kirk sit down to talk about their relationship. Kirk wants to take a break but Rasheeda wants to deal with their issues, thinking her jewelry store will bring in money and fix their problems. They start to argue, during which Rasheeda breaks the news that she’s pregnant. Kirk’s reaction is less-than-thrilled. “It’s crazy. I don’t think the timing’s right,” says Kirk. Rasheeda says that Kirk has always pressured her to have more kids and now he’s changing his tune. “This is a setback to me,” says Kirk.

Finally, Mimi gets ready to star in her man Nikko’s music video. K. Michelle and Ariane stop by and instantly have an issue when they find out Nikko’s friend, rapper Johnny Crome, is on the track. Both girls say that Johnny is lying about being gay and on the “Down Low.” Mimi says that Johnny is straight but the girls don’t buy it. Johnny then walks in, dressed as a pilot, and eventually gets into it with K. Michelle over his sexuality. K then calls Nikko gay and asks him why his roommate is a gay man. Nikko tells K. Michelle to leave the shoot and that he’ll ruin her career. K walks out, but then Mimi and Ariane start yelling at each other.

All of the drama is too much for Mimi. She’s tired of people raining on her parade. “Why can’t shit be about me some goddamn time?” she yells. With that, her girls are gone and Mimi’s just left with her new man.

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