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‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Kirk Apologizes, Scrappy Enters Drug Therapy


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After last week’s shocking blow up on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Rasheeda confides in Mimi about her failing marriage. “Kirk is an a—hole…I didn’t get married to get divorced,” says Rasheeda. Mimi tells her that it’s not her. Kirk later confides in Mimi and says he wasn’t getting any attention from his wife. He admits that he was wrong for turning up at the lake but he had fun. Mimi tells him to talk to his wife and try to fix this.

Scrappy admits that he failed a drug test and is now seeing a drug counselor to see why he can’t stop “smiznizing” (Scrappy talk for smoking weed). Momma Dee is still reeling after fighting Erica’s mama. Dee tells Scrappy to “leave the farm animals in the farm” and to start dating again. Scrappy goes to counseling to see if he’s like Snoop Dogg and why he can’t stop smoking. In therapy, we find out that Scrappy’s own mama helps facilitate his habit. His therapist says that the rapper needs to cut his mama from his decision making.

Traci and her boo Dashaun meet with Drew for the apology dinner. The dinner might as well be an episode of Catfish. Drew asks Dashaun a bunch of random questions including whether he’s been to jail or not. Dashaun denies it but Drew then pulls up an old mugshot he found online. Traci is shocked but Shaun says that he never technically spent the night in jail. He apologizes but Traci says that she can’t be with someone she can’t trust. Relationship over. Later, Traci and Drew rehash their own past and Drew apologizes for cheating on her when she was pregnant. He tells her that he wants her to be happy and won’t interrogate her future dates.

Elsewhere, Stevie and Joseline are hanging out with his dad, Poppa J. Joseline reveals that she wants marriage and kids. Poppa J tells her that she needs to push Stevie and recommends that she get his son drunk and then force him to elope. Whoa, now! Joseline takes the advice to heart and buys her own engagement ring.

In other random news, Ariane tells K. Michelle and Mimi that she’s now interested in women. “Don’t you fall in love with me!” jokes K. Michelle. K reveals that she likes girls sometimes but only on holidays. Okay then.

K. Michelle invites her new bff Joseline to Karlie Redd’s showcase. We find out Jos and Karlie Redd hate each other again. Joseline initially compliments Karlie but then says that her hair color makes her look younger. Shots! So much for new friends. Joseline and Karlie start fighting but luckily no punches are thrown.

Finally, Rasheeda and her mama talk about Kirk. Rasheeda’s mama is heated and she leaves just as Kirk flies in on his motorcycle (Yes, motorcycle) to try and patch things up. Mama Rasheeda drives away but not before showing Kirk exactly how she feels about him. She runs over his very expensive motorcycle with her car…repeatedly.

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