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Listen To Beyonce’s ‘Standing On The Sun’ In Its Entirety

Listen To Beyonce’s ‘Standing On The Sun’ In Its Entirety

Listen to Beyonce's full "Standing On The Sun."

Beyoncé’s full “Standing On The Sun” is HERE!

Getting our hands (ears?) on the full recording of Beyoncé‘s “Standing On The Sun” has been a LONG and arduous journey. We first heard a teeny snippet of tropical banger on Beyoncé’s twerk-a-licious H&M commercial, then we got a bigger (and way more opulent) taste when the Queen performed the full version live on her “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” stopover in Antwerp, Belgium. Now, thanks to the internet gods, a full version has surfaced! (But when we say “surfaced,” we mean Beyonce didn’t exactly roll out the official red carpet for this one. Aka it leaked.)

Listen to Beyoncé’s “Standing On The Sun” after the jump.

As opposed to B’s attitude-driven “Grown Woman” and “Bow Down,” “Standing On The Sun” is a softer, lusher single. Set to a syncopated, twinkling xylophone beat, the full track isn’t much different from the snippets/live version(s) we’ve already heard, except that this is A FULL version, which (a) automatically means it’s better, and (b) means we don’t have to hear any screaming Beyoncé Stans in the background.

As the sexy beat chugs in the background, Bey seductively coos: “My body is magnified/ In the sun set me alive/ My body, is yours tonight/ Burn me up, set me alive.” (Is anyone else picturing her dancing in a long red dress?) Anyway, “Standing On The Sun” a great song that we’ll probably party down on the beach/practice our “Hips Don’t Lie” dance to, but we just really wish it could be, like, the second track on a BRAND-NEW ALBUM. PLEASE?! WE’RE WAITING.

+ Listen to Beyoncé’s “Standing On The Sun.”

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