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Listen To Alicia Keys Perform ‘Brand New Me’ On ‘VH1 Storytellers’

Listen To Alicia Keys Perform ‘Brand New Me’ On ‘VH1 Storytellers’

Alicia Keys performs on 'VH1 Storytellers'

Listen to Alicia Keys’ stripped-down rendition of “Brand New Me” on “VH1 Storytellers.”

Today is Friday, which means we’re experiencing mixed emotions. Usually we’re all like, “Friday! Weekend! Party!!!” (Actually, who we kidding? These days it’s more like “Friday! Sleep! Takeout!”) And while this Friday does mean we can stop working for a few days, it also marks the end of VH1’s Alicia Keys-a-palooza, where we wrote about one acoustic song per day from Alicia’s “VH1 Storytellers” appearance. You know, the one where Alicia whipped up epic versions of tracks like “Fallin’,” “Not The King,” “No One,” and “If I Ain’t Got You.” Now, to close out our the week, we present you with an ear-tingling acoustic version of “Brand New Me,” from Alicia’s Girl On Fire album.

Listen to Alicia Keys perform “Brand New me” on “VH1 Storytellers” after the jump.

Just as she did in her official “Brand New Me” video, Alicia kept things simple on her stripped-down rendition with only her voice and a piano. As the gentle melody lilts along, Alicia digs into her song’s poignant and moving lyrics that honor her grown and matured self: “Been meaning to tell you/ But I guess it’s clear to see/ Don’t be mad/ It’s just a brand new kind of me/ Can’t be bad/ I found a brand new kind of free.”

Seems sort of fitting that we’d end our Alicia Keys “Storytellers” week with this song, no? It’s a brand-new kind of her with the same old perfect voice (and face!). #WERQUE, LADY.

Listen to Alicia Keys perform “Brand New Me” on “VH1 Storytellers,” watch live videos on, and get a copy of Alicia’s forthcoming VH1 Storytellers album.

Photo credit: VH1

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