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Lil Wayne Gives Meek Mill A Skateboarding Lesson


By Brittany Dandy

Recently, on a moonlit half pike in Miami, Meek Mill decided to attempt skateboarding, and who better to teach him than rap veteran turned skate enthusiast, Lil Wayne.

According to YMCMB affiliate, DJ Scoob Doo, the two rappers met up at Hit Factory Studios in Miami, Florida where Lil Tunechi instructed an eager to learn Mill, on how to balance the board. “I’m a universal n—-, this [is] what I do. Anything I do, I learn how to do good,” Meek said, before rolling through the empty parking lot on one of Wayne’s seasoned skateboards.

Weezy instructed Meek on the basics, from “slamming” the board to properly falling down the pike, but despite his tailored instruction and Mill’s tenacious attitude, the Philly rapper’s novice skills set seemed to get the best of him the majority of the time.

Nevertheless the two looked to be having have fun and Meek, determined to master the ramp and the rap game, has made it clear that his “universal” ability to adapt to- whatever situations the street my throw- will not allow him face defeat. Fans might expect to see him attempt the half pike again, hopefully riding the board with just as much ease and swag as his game changing instructor Wayne.

In search of a new challenge, Tunechi picked up skateboarding and it has quickly become a central part of his lifestyle. The self-acclaimed “best rapper alive” admitted last year that he’s grown bored of his solid rap diet and would be happy to trade in his mic, renowned bars and flavored verses for a taste of something new.

“I kinda feel like I deserve that, I feel like the fans deserve a little No Wayne. I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been out on everybody’s song, I’m still on everybody’s song,” Wayne explained last summer. “My artists are doing awesome; I believe the fans deserve some peace from me, so I’ll be on my skateboard in the meantime.”

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