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Lil Wayne Catches Heat For American Flag Mishap

Lil Wayne Catches Heat For American Flag Mishap


By Andie Lowenstein

Lil’ Wayne might’ve made a slight misstep, leaving some fans outraged. Footage released from the shoot of his “God Bless Amerika” video set finds him walking on the American flag and it’s causing a bit of controversy on social media.

Weezy shot the video in his hometown, New Orleans this past weekend and the behind-the-scenes clip starts off with Weezy rapping in front of a giant American flag. The flag then falls to the ground while he continues to rap and walks on it, seemingly not on purpose.

Still, viewers used this as a reason to lash out.“Idk who lil Wayne think he is dancing and stepping on the American flag. That is mad disrespectful. I am no longer a fan,” @ToddJohn8652h tweeted, while @joeysavatgy176 added, “Lil Wayne standing on a American flag for a music video? …Really? That’s disrespectful to the extreme….”

The song itself, off of Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II includes some political criticism, with Wayne rapping, “My country, tis of thee / Sweet land of kill them all and let them die / So God bless America, this so Godless America.”

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