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Lana Del Rey Wore ‘Regular’ Clothes, And It’s Kinda Freaking Us Out A Little (PHOTO)

Lana Del Rey Wore ‘Regular’ Clothes, And It’s Kinda Freaking Us Out A Little (PHOTO)

Lana Del Rey went out looking very, very casual.

Lana Del Rey ISN’T wearing a BALL GOWN? We’re confused.

We’re kinda confused. Based on almost every Lana Del Rey music video we’ve ever seen, we kinda thought that soft-focus lighting, chic wardrobes, and dramatic music followed Lana everywhere she went IRL. But, judging by the above photo of Lana going out in a casual baseball cap and sneakers, we were totally wrong! She totally skipped the glam gowns for what we’d like to officially dub as an “I’m on my way home from a sorority mixer” motif. (Coming your way in fall 2013!)

The “Young And Beautiful” singer was snapped leaving a recording studio (um, NEW MUSIC ALERT!?) in London while rocking our personal Sunday best (aka no brunch plans and only a hot date with a laundromat). And yet, even when dressed like she’s heading to a rummage sale, Lana still manages to look confidently Brigitte Bardot-flawlessness for the camera. What? Are you surprised? We’re talking about a girl who accepts onstage panty donations while performing like NBD! When you can proudly hold a stranger’s lacy underwear in your hand and not miss a beat, you pretty much get our respect in anything you do forever. Even if it does include baseball caps and sneakers.

Photo Credit: WENN

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