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Lady Gaga Strolls Shirtless Through NYC, Because Duh (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga Strolls Shirtless Through NYC, Because Duh (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga

 Summer in NYC can be hot. Luckily, Lady Gaga keeps cool by NOT WEARING A SHIRT.

PUH-RAISE! GAGALOO HAS RETURNED! We’re SUPER excited about more Lady Gaga sightings (like during her recent national anthem performance), but now that she’s back on our radar, we do have a few major questions. One of those questions is, “GAGA, WHERE THE EFF IS YOUR SHIRT!? Girl, you in public!” And that’s not even including questions like, “Where has Mother Monster been hiding out this entire time?” “Was she napping in her egg cocoon, or changing personas again? Orrr was she just spending 24/7 at the gym? ‘Cause this no-shirt moment is showing off Gaga in peak form.

The “Marry The Night” singer may have taken a hiatus from the public eye after canceling her “Born This Way” tour due to hip surgery, but that little vacay doesn’t mean she forgot how to shock the world. Oh, and if showing off her bra in public wasn’t screaming “I’m BAAAACK!” enough, Gaga also announced a November 11 release date for her ARTPOP album and that we can expect a single from the new album as soon as Aug. 19! So maybe Gaga is so verklempt over her announcement that she just couldn’t keep her shirt on? Some people like to celebrate good news over ice cream, but Gaga likes to get half-naked in public to honor a momentous occasion. (But really, are you that surprised?)

Photo credit: Splash News

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