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Lady Gaga Got A New Wax Statue, And It’s Covered In HAIR! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga Got A New Wax Statue, And It’s Covered In HAIR! (PHOTO)

Lady Gaga got a new wax statue!

Lady Gaga got a new wax statue at the Musee Frevin in Paris!

Hey, it looks like Lady Gaga‘s “I’m gonna wear ALL THE HAIR” fashion period is going to be forever immortalized in the pop star’s newest wax statue! We’re definitely not complaining — we’re just feeling a liiiittle disappointed that there’s STILL been no wax re-creation of Gaga’s famous meat dress. Yeah, we know it would be tough to refrigerate, but it’s important that future generations have full exposure to Gagaloo’s full sartorial history and fearless self-expression! #NeverForget

The “Born This Way” singer is the latest to get a wax figure at the Musée Frévin in Paris, and if we were going to rate this statue on a scale of one to 10 (10 basically being the real-life Gaga posing like she was the mannequin), we’d give it, like, a seven (hey, Gaga has a LOT of wax doubles, so we have the right to judge!) — mostly because the skin tone is SPOT-ON. If anything, though, this statue is really making us miss consistent Gaga sightings (her recent performance in NYC was the first since her hip surgery – aka TOO LONG). Our lives have been so dull without her. PLEASE COME BACK, GAGA!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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