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Kim Kardashian Gifts Kanye West With Mouse Autographed By Steve Jobs

Kim Kardashian Gifts Kanye West With Mouse Autographed By Steve Jobs


By Maurice Bobb

With the birth of his daughter, North West, and his new album Yeezus topping the charts, Father’s Day was already a very good day for Kanye West. But judging by the gift he got from Kim Kardashian—Mac computer mouses signed by Apple legends Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs—it was even better than anyone previously imagined.

“one of the other gifts my girl gave me for fathers day,” Yeezy tweeted Monday (July 1).

Kim’s thoughtful gift to the “Black Skinhead” MC seems appropriate, considering the G.O.O.D. Music CEO compared himself to Jobs in his very revealing interview with the NY Times.

“I would hear stories about Steve Jobs and feel like he was at 100 percent exactly what he wanted to do, but I’m sure even a Steve Jobs has compromised,” he said. “I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means. I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump. I honestly feel that because Steve has passed, you know, it’s like when Biggie passed and Jay-Z was allowed to become Jay-Z.”

Interestingly enough, Woz got wind of ‘Ye’s Tweet via Gizmodo and gave his account on how he came to sign the mouse.

“I signed this mouse right in front of Kanye, after chatting and joking with him for an hour or two, right in the hospital where Kim had given birth,” he wrote on Gizmodo’s site in the comments section. “I included a couple of other gifts. Kim went as far as she could to do the best things she could think of for Kanye and I’m impressed with her. I’m lucky to have the same with my wife Janet.”

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