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Kanye West’s Yeezus Album Leaks: Download Frenzy Ensues

Kanye West’s Yeezus Album Leaks: Download Frenzy Ensues


What seems to be the final tracklist for Kanye West‘s Yeezus album surfaced on the web this morning, and not too long after that a leak of the entire album followed. If the hype surrounding Ye’s LP wasn’t palpable enough over the past few days—as he previewed and performed it in NYC and Switzerland—then it was immediately clear with the avalanche of tweets that set “Kanye” and “Yeezus” trending within minutes of initial reports that the project had leaked. While some fans were desperately on the hunt for a download link, other loyal ‘Ye followers decided to hold fast and wait until June 18 to cop the official album.

Initial tweets pointed at the impact of the leak, despite that being pretty standard for albums at this point. “Kanye West shut down the internet with a leak … imagine if he dropped a free mixtape #GAMEOVER @JDiablo wrote, while @omarmakki added, “Kanye’s album leak is probably more important than my graduation. I even think I’m more excited about former.”

Then, diehards began to rally on behalf of Kanye. @Spunsur wrote, “I refuse to listen to a leak of Kanye’s album. I’ll wait to buy it. #heroworship,” while @Tonershawty added, “I ain’t listening to no kanye leak… Imma wait til it come out” and @datPMFmalik tried to make his point really clear with, “If you download a leak of yeezus don’t ever try to call yourself a Kanye fan, gtfo.”

Others went on to compare Kanye’s album to the already leaked Born Sinner LP from J. Cole, while some apologized since they planned to download it anyway.

@N_C_B: Like I said, Cole and Mac made cool albums… They’re not really comparable to this, though.


@iTs_MiHoe I respect kanye’s album enough to were i don’t wanna hear the leak Buying a hard copy when releases

@brokencool “you want the “Yeezus” leak?” – only thing anyone has said to me in the office in the past 15 minutes

@RealTimM Yeezus leaked ..? Since when does a Kanye West album leak ..?

@CHRISMURRELL112 Damn why yall dudes always need to leak something..first J cole “born sinners”,and now Kanye west “Yeezus” Im still going to buy both albums

@_Mrog Kanye killed the entire album. Great beat selection, great everything. I hope all of you who got the leak will still buy it.

@LiveFreeJp I refuse too listen to the yeezus leak

In the midst of the madness, Kanye took to his Twitter account to note that he planned on delivering the new music to fans via the projects he did to broadcast “New Slaves” in May.


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