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Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ Covered On HBO’s ‘Girls’

Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ Covered On HBO’s ‘Girls’

"Girl Rising" New York Premiere

By Henna Kathiya

The popular HBO series “Girls” has been known to make some bold musical choices in past episodes, but the most recent show, which aired this past Sunday, got a little bit of ‘Ye in the mix. Allison Williams who plays the straight-laced (and a little bit uptight) character, Marnie, performed Kanye West’s “Stronger” at her ex-boyfriend’s party.

Marnie’s choice  to perform the song was a bit surprising, but she really went for it,  taking the stage in front of a packed house at the party. Her sad and slow abridged rendition of the usually upbeat song leaves everyone around her slightly confused. While it’s unclear whether or not Kanye is a fan of “Girls,” if he catches wind of the rendition, he just might have an opinion on it considering he’s had an opinion on just about everything lately. (See: his now-infamous reaction to our Hottest MCs list).

See footage via Complex.

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