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Kanye West’s Classic 13-Minute Freestyle From 2005 Surfaces


By Maurice Bobb

The UK’s Tim Westwood’s hip-hop time capsule was opened Friday (May 24) by Fake Shore Drive and a rare visual treasure was unearthed: a never-before-seen 13-minute freestyle by Kanye West from 2005.

Earmuffed with headphones and mic’d up, Yeezy nodded his head and went off the cuff to the instrumentals of classic songs that he produced: The Game’s “Dreams,” Jay-Z’s “Encore” and Common’s “The Corner.”

‘Ye went in on a variety of topics, including African conflict diamonds, “I’m talking about people dying for diamonds,” his own superior skills behind the boards, “I’m out in UK, and I ask ‘em who’s the best and they say You, K” and, of course, his abilities to spit shots straight from the dome, “And anybody that freestyle on the level that I do, should be winning Grammy’s too.”

This was ’05, so the Late Registration MC plugged his top-charting single, “Gold Digger,” amongst playfully arrogant lines like, “You can look at my pants and tell that I’m cocky.”

The most impressive portion of the session, though, was when the Louis Vuitton Don took a text message from the girl sitting next to him and used it in a freestyle with giddy aplomb.

“She writing you on one of these hip hop shows/maybe you wondering if she a hip hop ho,” he rapped before waving off any implied disrespect.

Still going strong, the Yeezus rapper used the closing lines of his freestyle to advise would be rappers on how to make a decent album.

“Take time to drop a album, don’t just be buying beats from everybody, cause everybody ain’t got it/I got it, I get it, I give it to those who really live it/like Jay-Z, the Game and my dogs that really did it/like Kweli, like Common and dudes that really spit it/I’m talking about they go into the radio and hit it,” he continued, before admonishing rappers for keeping it cliché.

“You be doing everything that everybody else is on, man/I’m a break it down, let me take it down, here go the instructions of how to not say nothing/look, you take the crack concept and you do that til it’s all dead and gone/you do it all wrong.”

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