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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name: Here Are Our Faves! (VIDEO)

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name: Here Are Our Faves! (VIDEO)

In case you suffered from a massive power outage and/or a case of not giving any/ all f*cks this weekend and you’re only now just coming back online, you’re probably acutely aware that this weekend, Kim kim and kanye's baby nameKardashian gave birth to a baby girl, the first child for both her and boyfriend/ baby daddy Kanye West. Praises Yeezus! But there’s only one problem: We, the deserving public, still don’t have a baby name for the second coming/ sweet little bundle of extremely — and I mean EXTREMELY — wealthy joy.

Neither glowing mother nor new father are known for doing much privately or without fanfare and an entire film crew on them — Kim Kardashian’s brought a camera man along with her to the doctor’s office (and into her sister’s bikini wax appointment, where no camera crew should ever be allowed to go), and Kanye West coined himself the son of God and released songs from his new Yeezus album by projecting his own image on 66 buildings around the world. These guys go big or go home… to one of their extremely, extremely expensive homes. Oh, and Kanye also nonchalantly likened himself to Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs in the same breath. As one occasionally does! See! Everything is bigger and better and highly public when you’re Kim and/or Kanye, which you’re definitely not. Which is why it’s KILLING US SOFTLY not knowing what Kim and Kanye named their little baby girl. So, we did what any reasonable adults hysterically refreshing Google News every 30 seconds in hopes of a Kim and Kanye baby name update would do — we named that damn baby ourselves.

Acting like we have any sort of stake in the naming rights of Baby Kimye, MTV News’ Christina Garibaldi and myself (Tamar Anitai!) picked our predictions for Kim and Kanye’s baby’s name. Our favorites include Krossant and Kraylor Swift, but I’m really hoping — nay, praying to Lord Yeezus — that they’ll just name her “Hennngh?” Hengh? Just watch.

+ Check out our favorite names for Kim and Kanye’s baby!

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