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Joey Bada$$ Asks Fans To ‘Eliminate Expectations’ For Summer Knights Mixtape

Joey Bada$$ Asks Fans To ‘Eliminate Expectations’ For Summer Knights Mixtape


By Chelsey Wilkins

Today, marks the official release of Joey Bada$$’s new mixtape, Summer Knights. After experiencing a minor setback, the emerging MC, is finally ready to debut his new body of work, a 16 track LP that features stellar tracks like “Amethyst Rockstar,” “Word Is Bond” and a bonus song “#LongLiveSteelo,” in memory of his deceased friend, Capital STEEZ.

If Summer Knights is anything like his past mixtape, the critically acclaimed, 1999, fans would expect to be wowed by unmatched lyricism reminiscent of the 90’s boom-bap rap era. However, making assumptions about Summer Knights is exactly what Bada$$ doesn’t want fans to do. In a recent interview with The Village Voice, the 19-year-old reveals how he wants his latest LP to be received saying, “Don’t expect anything. If you don’t expect anything, you’ll appreciate it way more. Eliminate your expectations. It’s a different side of Joey.”

In the same interview, he dishes on what really happened when he “turned down” a deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. “It wasn’t really a ‘turn down,’ it was more of a mutual understanding. People and the media are going to change things to what they want to hear. It’s more, he (Jay-Z) seen my vision and he got what I was trying to do. That’s what it was. He (Jay-Z) was like, ‘I see you little homie.’”

When asked what it would take to get him to sign a record deal, he responded, “Three million. Off the top.” Not a surprising answer for an emcee with the name Joey Bada$$.

While the newbie is still going the independent route with Summer Knights, there’s no question that he’ll get scooped up by a major pretty soon. With the countless number of features he’s already garnered, upcoming tour dates and a new LP under his belt, Joey Bada$$ may get the $3 million deal he’s been hoping for.

Until then, be sure to stream and download Summer Knights over at LiveMixtapes.

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