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Jay-Z Fans Go Crazy Trying To Get Their Tweets Answered

Jay-Z Fans Go Crazy Trying To Get Their Tweets Answered

(Jay-Z’s subway pal Ellen Grossman reviews Magna Carta Holy Grail)

By Nakiya Morgan

“Might crash ya internet and I ain’t even into that” – Jay- Z. Although Jay-Z is a man of very few words, he sure had a lot to say on Twitter today. With his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail officially dropping tomorrow, the Brooklyn rapper decided to take some time out and talk to his fans.

This unexpected move by Hov follows his last tweet on June 17, where he declared that he had reached his “yearly allotment” of tweets, giving fans the impression that he won’t be returning to twitter until 2014.

Hov took to Twitter to answer some fan questions and while some were about MCHG, some fans decided to take it a little further. “Why did you name your daughter blue instead of ‘Brooklyn’?,” @Hello_immrright wrote, while @OzDaniyah added, “Now that your tied down can I have those numbers from Girls Girls Girls?”

With the new “twerking” epidemic some fans wanted Jay-Z’s input. @chacaworks wrote, “Do you think twerking should replace the electric slide at weddings?”

Of course someone had to add an illuminati joke or two with Comedian @azizansari writing, “Are we really pushing our illuminati lunch meeting for you to do this Twitter Q and A?”

Although getting a response from Jay-Z on Twitter may be a once in a lifetime chance, some fans did not lose hope. “Gotta troll Jay-Z till he replies and I faint,” @Verneeee wrote before Jay-Z responded “I suggest a well placed pillow for impact.”


The MCHG rapper couldn’t leave Twitter without answering America’s number one question. When asked about his Miley Cyrus “twerking” reference in “Somewhereinamerica,” Hov replied “Yes! She represents an old world’s worst nightmare.”


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