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Ja Rule Returns To Rap With ‘Fresh Out Da Pen’

Ja Rule Returns To Rap With ‘Fresh Out Da Pen’

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Ja Rule is home from prison and celebrates his return to rap with the aptly-titled “Fresh Out Da Pen.

The ominous track has Ja rapping fiercely about coming home. To prove that he hasn’t lost touch with pop culture, the New York rapper also drops a slew of references to things buzzing in hip-hop now like Miley Cyrus, Tom Ford, twerking and molly.

“Ja Rule sound like Meek Mill on that new track,” observed Rap Radar’s B Dot on Ja’s sound on the song. This is a stark contrast to the music that made Ja famous, the softer rap and R&B blends in the early 2000s on cuts like “I’m Real” Remix with J. Lo and “Always on Time” with Ashanti.

Many fans of that Ja Rule were happy to hear new music from him regardless. “Personally I wouldn’t be mad with a new album from Ja Rule. People can front like they weren’t Ja Rule fans if they want to” tweeted Dollar.

Ja is “fresh out the pen” after going to prison for tax evasion and gun possession. He plead guilty in 2011, admitting that he had failed to pay taxes on more than $4 million in income. He was released earlier this year.

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