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J. Cole’s ‘Power Trip’ Hits The Platinum Mark

J. Cole’s ‘Power Trip’ Hits The Platinum Mark

(Cole on filming “Power Trip” video with Miguel)

J. Cole’s sophomore album Born Sinner recently landed him the #1 spot on the charts, and now the Roc Nation rapper has another reason to celebrate: His lead single “Power Trip” featuring Miguel has officially been certified Platinum.

Miguel joined Cole in the shocking video for “Power Trip,” where he was actually murdered–something that made both Cole and Miguel’s management nervous. Luckily though, the “Adorn” singer was completely on board.

“I was really hype explaining it to him, and after I tell him the concept I say, ‘I want you to be the boyfriend, getting murdered,’ and he was just like ‘It’s crazy you say that because right as you were telling me the story, [I] thought I should be the boyfriend, I should be the one getting killed,'” Cole told MTV News. “So he was down for it, but it just took me to have that creative conversation with him.”

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