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J. Cole And Nas Worked On ‘Made Nas Proud’ For Two Weeks

J. Cole And Nas Worked On ‘Made Nas Proud’ For Two Weeks

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By Gerren Keith Gaynor

Nas’ response to J. Cole’s Born Sinner track “Let Nas Down” thrilled the Roc Nation rapper and hip-hop heads alike, but no one was more proud of that moment than Cole himself. In a radio interview with 97.9 The Box in Houston, he opened up about “Made Nas Proud,” revealing he knew the Queensbridge rapper had recorded his verse, and that the pair had been working on the track for two weeks.

Cole explained that he’d actually run into Nas at a Houston airport three days after he recorded “Let Nas Down” and got a chance to play the song for him. That accidental encounter set things in motion for “Made Nas Proud.” “He went nuts. It was crazy, he was very impressed,” Cole said of playing the track for Nas. “I knew right there it was a fate moment.”

“I knew that he had did his verse. I was waiting days for that moment,” the Roc Nation rapper said of the song’s release. “It’s just a major moment in my life.”

“It was a huge moment just for hip-hop period but more importantly for me,” he added. “That’s a moment everyone can look at and be like ‘dang’ because they know my story, they know my journey. Everyone knows what it feels like to look up to Nas and how he deserves to be looked at, and for that to happen is a huge moment.”

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