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Isn’t It Eccentric?


Giorgio Armani touched down at the Palais de Tokyo last night with a triple-header. First there was the Armani Privé show as usual. Then, as the Paris counterpart to One Night Only,
his couture retrospective that hit New York in October, he installed his exhibition Eccentrico—eighty or so archival Privé outfits and accessories dating from 2006 onward—in the museum. Finally, a gala dinner on the museum’s lower level.

“For me, he is just one of those awe-inspiring talents,” said Kristin Scott Thomas as she headed for her seat. “On a personal level, I don’t know that I would call him eccentric, but I will say that he’s really fun to have dinner with!”

Chiara Mastroianni, making an appearance after wrapping her new film, Trois Coeurs with Charlotte Gainsbourg, saw things a little differently. “I think that, these days, creating beautiful classics with a twist and resisting the temptation to go completely over-the-top is a form of eccentricity,” she said of the runway finale. “It was really poetic, like a constellation or the Milky Way.”

Stylist Elizabeth Stewart, on the other hand, had work on the mind. She had just dressed Golden Globe winner Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé for the awards last week, but the season is just ramping up. “I so loved that dress, so basically I came to Paris to see if we could top that,” she said. She declined to elaborate, offering only, “I feel like we’ve found a brilliant idea to work with for the Oscars.”

—Tina Isaac-Goizé

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