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Here’s Proof That Taylor Swift Is Really Cinderella! (PHOTO)

Here’s Proof That Taylor Swift Is Really Cinderella! (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift looks just like Cinderella!

We knew it: Taylor Swift is Cinderella IRL!

Remember how we thought Taylor Swift was a Barbie doll brought to life? Well, we were wrong. (We think. We haven’t totally given up on that theory yet. ) Now we’re thinking that Taylor is actually Princess Cinderella IRL — she’s Swifterella! Just look at the above photo and try to tell us that Tay doesn’t look EXACTLY like our favorite fairytale character (minus the ’50s bangs). But OBVIOUSLY she’s the post-makeover Cinderella… Not the Cinderella who mops floors. Taylor can pay people to deal with that stuff.

The “Everything Has Changed” singer was snapped leaving the ball at exactly midnight attending The Fragrance Foundation’s Consumer Choice Awards (yes, such an event actually exists) in New York City. But seriously, let’s play this Cinderella compare-and-contrast game just a little more: Taylor went from being a small-town girl to DOMINATING at the posh life (like Cinderella), she looks GORGEOUS in a ball gown (like Cinderella!), and she can sing (like Cinderella). As far as we can tell, the only difference between the two ladies is that Cinderella hung out with a bunch of talking mice in her downtime, and Taylor hangs out with her adorable cat, Meredith. Oh, and that whole “finding Prince Charming” thing. Unless there’s something Taylor’s not telling us

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News/ Disney

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