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Hear Megafan Kxng Crooked’s 2Pac Playlist


Kxng Crooked has always had immense respect for Tupac Shakur, whom Crooked has called both the “one of the realest storytellers that can touch your soul” and the “greatest of all time.” The rapper, who is a member of Slaughterhouse and previously went by Crooked I, has also made a few appearances on posthumously released 2Pac albums. He appears on “Happy Home” and “Why U Turn on Me,” on 2001′s Until the End of Time, and he guests on a remix of “2 of Americaz Most Wanted” on 2003′sNu-Mixx Klazzics.

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He once even recorded a track in homage to Shakur, “Dear Tupac,” which he filled with references to the late rapper’s lyrics. As another tribute, Kxng Crooked compiled a 15-song playlist for Rolling Stone collecting his favorite Tupac cuts.

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