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Hear Lil Wayne Call Out Cash Money Feud on ‘Grateful’


Days after Lil Wayne hinted at retirement due to his ongoing battle with Cash Money, the rapper has unleashed a new track titled "Grateful" where he takes aim at the label.

"You don't see Stunna right next to me / And I won't see Stunna write checks to me," Lil Wayne says on "Grateful" about his current relationship with Cash Money CEO Birdman. "They can't put no more Weezy Baby out / That's that Cash Money vasectomy."

Wayne repeats several times "No more CMB" – Cash Money Billionaires – to reiterate the irreparable riff between himself and the label. Recently, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Missy Elliott, Chance the Rapper and more have shown their support for the "defenseless and mentally defeated" Wayne.

The rapper opens the gospel-sampling, StreetRunner and Rugah Rah-produced track by revealing that the song represents a "new chapter" for him. "Tell the press I'm not depressed, I just had to press reset," he says at one point.

Later on "Grateful," Wayne expresses some remorse over some of his life decisions in recent years – "Hardest lesson is regret / Snorting powder on a [private] jet / Ask the pilot 'Are we there yet?' / He said we on the ground and we ain't even leave yet" – but now he's "a different Weezy and I'm drippin' Fiji,"

Wayne released "Grateful" directly to Tidal, his main outlet since his Tha Carter V remains in Cash Money limbo. The rapper previously dropped his Free Weezy Album through Jay Z's streaming service.

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