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Hear Jennifer Nettles, Jennifer Lopez Find Common Ground in ‘My House’


Jennifer Nettles’ second solo album, Playing With Fire comes out next week, and tucked inside listeners will find an intriguing and unexpected duet with pop superstar Jennifer Lopez.

The uptempo “My House” finds Jenny From the Block pairing up with “Jenny From the Dirt Road” for a diversity anthem all about the things we have in common, rather than the things that set us apart.

Featuring a drum corps beat and plucky guitar melody, the seemingly different divas trade lines back and forth throughout the song, describing in super-relatable detail why they’re actually more similar than people realize. After all, they struggle with the same worries and fears, pray the same prayers, feel the same love for their children and do the same kind of work.

Nettles’ Georgia twang and Lopez’s Puerto Rican- inflected Spanish dance around each other playfully, singing the song’s hook in both dialects — “My house is your house” and “Mi casa es tu casa” – and giving the whole thing a sort of genre-less, grown-up Sesame Street feel. Especially when the guts of the song’s kindhearted message are spelled out in each chorus: “The places we come from might seem so distant,” the Jens sing. “But we’re really not that different.”

“My House” (featuring Jennifer Lopez) is part of Nettles’ Playing With Fire album, which comes out May 13th. Nettles is currently on tour with upcoming stops in Ivins, Utah, Biloxi, Mississippi, and more, while Lopez is about to begin her first-ever Las Vegas residency, titled All I Have and taking place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

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