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Hear Fred Armisen, Bill Hader’s Talking Heads Parody Album


Fred Armisen and Bill Hader have released a full album to accompany their latest episode of Documentary Now! in which they parody the Talking Heads' classic concert film, Stop Making Sense, Pitchfork reports.

The episode aired Wednesday on IFC and chronicles the farewell performance of an Eighties avant-pop group called Test Pattern. Both the episode and LP are called Final Transmission and feature guest appearances from Maya Rudolph and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster.

Taking the Talking Heads homage to a fitting nexus, Final Transmission opens with "Art + Student = Poor," a jittery paean to starving art scholars – the Heads met at the Rhode Island School of Design – that finds Armisen unleashing his best "Psycho Killer" wail. The eight-track album also includes an "I Zimbra"-like cut, "Indeng Indeng," while Rudolph provides vocals on "Flashing Lights" and Hader sings the ridiculous Devo-esque "Everybody's Moving Around" (which receives a hilariously caustic introduction from Armisen).

Final Transmission marks Armisen and Hader's second collection of songs from a Documentary Now! episode. The duo released a short EP last year as the Blue Jean Committee, a fake Seventies soft rock group that was the focus of a two-part Season One episode. 

Documentary Now! will wrap up its second season October 26th with another two-part episode that parodies the Robert Evans doc, The Kid Stays in the Picture.

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