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Hear DJ Quik’s Cutting, Racially-Charged New Song ‘Black Friday’


DJ Quik confronts social and racial issues that weigh on the black community in his soulful new track "Black Friday," which the OG Compton rapper released on his SoundCloud.

"I wrote this piece because I don't like the tumultuous air surrounding Black People," DJ Quik wrote of the track. "Someone had to speak up for the African American community on this Black Friday and I elect Me to do so." Quik also calls out Donald Trump for being "racist" on the track. He also shouts out to his late peers Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E.

"I look around and the whole scene different/ It seems like life is different/ What's wrong with us?/ Why do police want to kill us," Quik raps. "Solitary mind, military mission/ I tried to get my people's to chill, that's my intention/ But you can't stop the back and forth when a brother dies / And families gotta pay for funerals without a dime."

In April, Quik teamed with rapper Problem for their six-track Rosecrans EP. It was the influential West Coast hip-hop figure's first official release since his 2014 LP The Midnight Life.

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