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Havoc Of Mobb Deep Posts Nude Twitter Photo: Was He Hacked?

Havoc Of Mobb Deep Posts Nude Twitter Photo: Was He Hacked?

(Havoc and Prodigy make up after last Twitter fiasco)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Today fans of Mobb Deep were given more than they bargained for, from Havoc. The Queens rapper shared a few racy and explicit nude photos on his Twitter account and quickly became a trending topic.

One of the photos was a clear shot of his nether regions, which sent hip-hop heads into a tailspin. His account was quickly shut down afterwards, making fans wonder if the photos were leaked unbeknownst to him. Fans were shocked and shared their surprise quickly. Philly Customs wrote, “Why did Havoc just have to tweet pics of his magna carta holy grail fam.” Mike Gutz added, “Soooooo I guess I’m burning all my Mobb Deep cds, at least the ones with Havoc on the record…” But judging from the updates on Hav’s “about me” section, it looks like someone might’ve really hacked his account.


This isn’t Havoc’s first Twitter drama. Last year, he admitted that he sent tweets about group mate Prodigy’s sexuality. “The tweets is crazy,” he told, before confirming that he sent tweets about Prodigy. “And I was speaking of a standpoint of being mad, but still being truthful of how I felt — but it was just the wrong thing to do at that time.”

“Prodigy abitch and I’m gonna show it, follow!! Ground breaking new,” Hav infamously wrote in that string of tweets.

Havoc later apologized and he Prodigy got back to work, but where does this leave him? He’s made no comment as yet.

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