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Harry Styles Kissing Zayn Malik: THE GIF!!

Harry Styles Kissing Zayn Malik: THE GIF!!

Harry Styles Kisses Zayn Malik in One Direction's "Our Moment" Fragrance Ad


Listen up, Directioners! If you had plans today, cancel ‘em! If you’re going on a job interview, first date, driving test, ANYTHING A LITTLE BIT IMPORTANT, we suggest you look away and come back to this post when all your responsibilities have been taken care of. Because there’s absolutely no possible way you’re gonna recover from what we’re about to show you in a timely manner.

So, clear your schedules and lock your doors, because today we present you with the most epic One Direction GIF of all time: HARRY STYLES KISSING ZAYN MALIK!! …In the ad for One Direction’s new fragrance, “Our Moment.”

Watch One Direction’s “Our Moment” fragrance commercial after the jump.

In their new black-and-white ad, each “Kiss You” singer takes a “moment” (heh) to hold a shiny “Our Moment” bottle up to the camera. Then, in what is perhaps our favorite “moment” of the commercial (and maybe our favorite moment in life), Harry busts in on Zayn’s close-up with an adorable peck on the cheek! And, if we didn’t know any better, we’d say that after getting over the initial shock of having Harry’s soft lips pressed on his cheek (oops, did we say that out loud?), we’d say that Zayne maybe kind of liked it! (In an emo “I love my bestie” kinda way.) So, in sum, this 30-second perfume ad fulfills every One Direction fantasy we’ve ever had, and, well, the only thing left to say is, #ZARRY!!! or #HAYN. Take your pick.

+ Watch One Direction’s “Our Moment” fragrance commercial.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Arden

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